Levant Castle 2022

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I have purchased my ticket, what now?

Your unique event QR Code is being generated and you will receive a seperate email, anytime now. You will be a able to download your ticket or even edit your information if you made any mistakes.

I have received my QR Code, Do I have to print it?

No, not necessarily but you can if you want to. We can just scan your ticket from your smart phone.

I accidentally typed my information wrong, will it cause any problems?

If its just contains small typo errors, then it shouldn't be a problem however if you want to change it entirely please check your ticket email, there should be a link called "edit information" or you can just contact us so we can help you out with it.

How can we go to the event? Are there any public transportations?

By Train:

The closest regional train station is 2.5km distance from the castle. There will be a shuttle service upon request to connect you from the local train station to the venue. Please get in touch with us if you’re in need.

By Shuttle:

There will be shuttle services to connect you to the festival:

    • From Berlin Ostbahnhof to the Castle (and back.)
    • From Nearest Train Station to the Castle (and back.)

If you are going to use this shuttle service please  purchase your shuttle ticket and book your shuttle slot in advance.

By Flight:

For international travelers, the closest airport to the castle is Leipzig/Halle, unfortunately because it is impossible to organize the time schedule for a shuttle arrangement for every international traveler , you would have to plan your arrival yourself. The easiest way is you can take the train from Leipzig/Halle airport or you can get in touch with us to organize a private shuttle to the castle. For private shuttles contact us at info@levantcastle.de

However, our  personal suggestion would be for you to fly over to Berlin and take the Berlin Ostbanhof Shuttle from the train station for your convenience.

By Car/Van:
Free parking spots inside and outside the castle are very limited. If coming by car, we strongly encourage to share the ride with friends.
There will be spaces for camper-vans. Please book a camper ticket in advance!


There will be spaces for campervans. Please book a camper ticket in advance! It is free of charge, you must only book it in advance as we have limited spaces!

I have bought my transportation/hotel ticket, what should I do now?

You will be contacted later on about your booking to do the necessary arrangements.

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